Friday, August 31, 2012

Little Moments of Bliss

The other night after work, I took Giovanni and Lucy out into the yard to play with them while Daddy made dinner. We had so much fun, rolling around in the grass and enjoying the beautiful late summer evening! I so treasure moments like this. We don't get much time home with him in the evenings before he's ready for bed, but I enjoy the moments we can steal away!

Oh, who's Lucy?  Why, she's our puppy, of course!  Around the Fourth of July, our long-time desire to get a dog finally won out over practicality.  A few weeks of frantic searching turned up the perfect solution: a breeder near Nana and Papa with a litter of short-hair miniature dachshunds!  At first, we thought we'd miss out, but she came back to me a couple days later and said that someone had backed out and she now had two girls available.  Would I be interested?  I (literally) jumped for joy!  Several e-mails and phone calls later, it was settled that not only would we get Lucy Lou, but Nana got her sister, Sadie Mae.  Both dogs are so good with Giovanni.  Lucy just sits patiently while he pulls on her feet and puts her in his mouth.  And Giovanni is, predictably, thrilled with the new animals in his life!