Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This is where it gets real

Yes, I'm still awake at 12:30 in the morning.  And stone sober.  The diapers are still rinsing.

We had our regular theater tickets with Danny and Susan tonight, so we didn't get home until nearly 11:00.  Great dinner at EE Sane Thai and an amazing production of "To Kill A Mockingbird" at the Rep.  This was our second show since Giovanni was born, the first since I returned to work.  It was harder than I expected this time because Luciano took him straight from daycare to the baby-sitter's.  Boy was I happy to hold my Little Man at 10:30 tonight!

Of course, after one week in daycare, all three of us are sick.  Luciano has it the worst so far, but I can tell that Gio's and my symptoms are getting worse.  Ugh.  Who takes care of Mom when she gets sick?!

"Oh what fresh hell is this?"  My milk supply is dwindling.  I used to get 7-8 ounces total per pumping session.  Now I'm lucky to get 3.  We're having to rely heavily on our meager frozen stores.  Some web research today informed me that I need to pump more often to get my supply back up and pumping never works as well as feeding directly from the breast.  Oh, joy.  Guess I'm going to be visiting the safety office every two hours and working weekends to get caught up on work.

And yet, when Gio looks up at me with those big blue eyes and smiles, my heart melts and I have no doubts that this is all worth it.

Time to put the diapers in the dryer.


  1. Oh man. You certainly pay for those nights out in exhaustion (and baby seems to wake up more/earlier, right?) but it is so worth it!

    Yup. Mommies don't get sick days. :/

    Good for you for keeping up your pumping. Again, hard but worth it. Don't forget lots of mommy-baby time evenings and weekends. :)

  2. Oh, I don't know if you knew this, but I exclusively pumped for the first 6 months for Andrew (he wouldn't nurse no matter what I tried). So I know a thing or two about pumping and increasing supply if you have questions or just need someone to commiserate.